Anti Spam Policy

The owner of this website does not ratify harvest, mining or collecting email addresses or other information from or through the website or service.

The owner of this website does not allow or allow others to use its services to collect, compile, or get information about customers or customers, including but not limited to customer email addresses. The owner of this website does not allow or allow any effort to use its services in a way that can damage, deactivate, burden or disturb aspects of one of the services, or which can disrupt the use and enjoyment of other parties from each service party owner.

If the owner of this website believes that unauthorized or incorrect use is being carried out from any service, maybe, without notice, taking such actions, in its own policy, considered appropriate, including blocking messages from certain Internet domains, mail servers or addresses IP. The owner of this website can immediately stop each account on whatever service determines, for its own policy, is transmitting or connected with any email that violates this policy.
Nothing in this policy is intended to give the right to send or send e-mail to, or through, website and / or services. Failure to enforce this policy in each instance does not amounts to the neglect of the rights of the owner of this website.

Unauthorized use of this website services in connection with unsolicited email transmission, including email transmission that violates this policy, can lead to civilian, criminal or administrative punishment for senders and those who help senders.

Violators from the Spam Can Law can be subject to the order “stop and stop” or punishment from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) up to $ 11,000 per violation. Criminal prosecution is also possible in cases of terrible violators, which can lead to penalties such as fines, seizure of results and equipment. The worst offender can also be charged in prison.