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Please read this website requires consideration and as a condition allows you to access.

Reading and accepting the provisions of the use of the agreement and reading and accepting the provisions of the Privacy Policy This website is needed for the website that gives you the right to visit, read, resell, make transactions, in any way. By visiting this website, you acknowledge that all the terms of use have been transmitted to you. Each and all agreements, representations, promises, guarantees, actions, or statements by visitors who are different from any way of this agreement will not be given a style or effect.

Everyone rejected access or use of this site unless they read and accept the provisions of the use and privacy policy.

By looking, visiting, using payment transcented on behalf of, or interacting with this website as retailers, intermediaries, affiliates, customers, merchant service providers, publishers, advertisers or any interaction you agree to all the provisions of this Conditions Use Policy and Policy Privacy of this website. Including any changes in this Agreement or additional policies included with which website references can be done in their own policies in the future.

Everyone under the age of 18 is rejected access to this website. If you are under 18 years old, it breaks the law for you to visit, read, or interact with this website or its contents in any way. This website specifically denies access to any individual covered by the 1998 Children’s Privacy Act (Copa) in 1998.

This website has the right to refuse access to every person or viewer for any reason. Under the provisions of the Privacy Policy, which you receive as a condition for viewing, the website is allowed to collect and store data and information for exception and for many other uses.

Provisions for using agreements can change from time to time. Visitors have affirmative duties, as part of the consideration of permission to see this website, to continue to get information about changes.

Parties on the provisions of the use of the agreement

Visitors, viewers, users, customers, members, affiliates, retailers or customers, collectively referred to here as “visitors”, are parties in this agreement. Website and owners of their predecessor and / or operators are parties in this agreement, here are referred to as “websites.” Visitors understand and acknowledge that this agreement is excessive and supersecedes each and all visitors’ agreements with websites, including but not limited to our own electronic website visitors, privacy policies or other proposed legal agreements located on the visitor’s website.

The website with this rejects all visitors to the Electon agreement website included but is not limited to visitors’ requirements and conditions. This agreement will regulate all parties. If a dispute with visitors, the website will be regulated by this Agreement and with the default rules and applicable laws that will be resolved in binding or trial arbitration on the website of choice in the jurisdiction of website choices. Each and all agreements, representations, promises, guarantees, actions, or statements by the visitor’s website or other proposed agreements that are different from any way from the provisions of this agreement will not be given a style or effect. All visitors include retailers, intermediaries, affiliates, joint venture partners, publishers, advertisers, online marketers, and all and all users who visit or access this website in any way must be charged mutual and contracts or any agreement not permitted for causes or reasons without the approval and approval of the website.

Use of information from this website

Unless you have signed an express written contract with this website contradictory, visitors, viewers, customers, members, affiliates, or customers do not have the right to use this information in commercial or public settings; They don’t have the right to broadcast it, copy it, save it, print it, sell it, or publish any part of this website content. By looking at the content of this website, you agree to this watch condition and you acknowledge that any unauthorized use is violating the law and can make you civil or criminal penalties. Again, visitors do not have any rights to use content, or parts, including the database, an invisible page, a page that is linked, the underlying code, or other intellectual property that may contain any site. No. Visitors agree to damage to the amount of AS. $ 100,000 in addition to the cost and actual damage for violations of this provision. Visitors guarantee that he understands that accepting this provision is the watch requirement and that the view is acceptance.

Ownership of the website or the right to use, sell, publish this website content

The website and its contents are owned or licensed by a website. The material contained on the website must be considered property and copyright. Visitors do not have any rights in site content. The use of website content for any reason is violating the law unless done with an express contract or website permit.

Hyperlinking to site, co-branding, “framing” and reference sites are prohibited

Unless expressly authorized by the website, no one can hyperlink this site, or its part, (including, but not limited to, logoype, trademark, branding or copyright material) for any reason. Furthermore, you are not permitted to refer to the URL (website address) from this website in commercial or non-commercial media without express permission, also not permitted to ‘frame’ sites. You specifically agree to work with the website to delete or activate such activities and are responsible for all damage. You hereby agree to damage to the liquidation of US $ 100,000.00 plus actual costs and damage for violating these provisions.

Disclusion for site

The website rejects responsibility for the accuracy of the content of this website. Visitors consider all the risks of viewing, reading, using, or relying on this information. Unless you have formed an express contract instead with a website, you don’t have the right to rely on any information contained here as accurate. The website doesn’t make a warranty like that.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Even though this industry is one of a few where someone can write their own check in terms of income, there is no guarantee that you will get money using techniques and ideas in these ingredients. Examples and testimonials in these materials will not be interpreted as an appointment or income guarantee. Income potential is completely dependent on people who use our products, ideas and techniques. This product is not a business opportunity and only provides advice and training on internet and search engine optimization. This is a new product and system and therefore there is no history of income from its use. We do not track the actual income from our product users because the same will violate user trade secrets and confidential information or property rights. Information on this site is our experience with products. If you want to share experiences, tell us.

Discouration for damage caused by your computer or software from interacting with this website or its contents. Visitors assume all the risk of viruses, worms, or other corrupt factors.

The website is not responsible for the damage to the computer or software visitor or every person who communicates with corrupt code or data that is accidentally forwarded to the computer visitor. Again, visitors are viewed and interact with this site, or banners or pop-ups or advertisements displayed on it, with their own risk.

Disclaimer for damage caused by downloads

Visitors download information from this site with this risk themselves. The website does not make a warranty that downloads free from corruption computer codes, including, but are not limited to, viruses and worms.

Limits of responsibility

By looking at, using, or interacting in any way with this site, including banners, advertisements, or pop-ups, downloads, and as a website requirement to allow the valid audience, visitors forever let go of the right to claim damage and all descriptions based on Cause factors that cause all possible losses, no matter how bad or broad, both physically or emotional, can be estimated or unexpected, both in nature and business.


Visitors agree that if it causes damage, the website is needed to pay, visitors, as a watch, promise to replace all websites.


Visitors agree as a watch condition, that every communication between visitors and websites is considered as submission. All shipments, including parts, charts contained, or submission content, will be the exclusive property of the website and can be used, without further permission, for commercial use without additional consideration. Visitors agree to just communicate that information to the website, which you want forever allows websites to use in any way because it looks right. “Submission” is also the provision of privacy policies.


There is no additional notification of anything for any reason is because visitors and visitors explicitly guarantee the understanding that the right to pay attention is released as a condition to see or interact with the website.


As part of the consideration that the website requires to see, use or interact with this website, visitors agree to use binding arbitrases for claims, disputes, or controversies (“claims”) in any form (whether in the contract, lawsuit, or Conversely) arising from or relating to this purchase, this product, including the issue of application, privacy issues, and problem of use. In the case of visitors are applicable parties, visitors must strip the cost of their own lawyer. The website has the right to submit teaching in court in the jurisdiction of website choices.

In whatever viewers, visitors, members, customers, or customers have the right to go to court or have a jury trial. Viewers, visitors, members, customers or customers will not have the right to engage in pre-trial discovery except as specified in the rules; You will not have the right to participate as representatives or prosecution class members relating to any claim that experiences arbitration; The arbitrator’s decision will be final and binding with limited appeal rights.

The applicable party must be replaced by other parties for each and all costs associated with arbitration of disputes, including lawyer fees, collection fees, investigative costs, travel costs.

Jurisdiction and venue.

If there is a problem about this purchase, it must be brought before the court, pre-arbitration, viewers, visitors, members, customers, or customers agree that the right soles and jurisdictions to become countries and cities are expressed in contact information from the web owner unless not here Specified. In the event that litigation is in a federal court, the right court will be a federal court of a choice of websites.

Billing model and cancellation policy / refund

Refunds can be required by contacting customer support by clicking the link in the website footer unless stated otherwise in the offer.


Viewers, visitors, members, customers or customers agree that the applicable law to be applied will, in all cases, is in the state of the list of websites in our contact information.

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