7 Recommendations for Fast Liquid Trusted & OJK Registered Online Loan Applications!

kotrbiotech.com – You certainly are familiar with the company’s Financial Technology (Fintech) or that we are familiar also with the online loans.

In a few years back, online loans are rampant-rampant in Indonesia. A lot of companies vying for a loan online fast liquid with a variety of other benefits to attract many customers.

It can not be denied, as human beings, of course we will be faced by unforeseen circumstances. Not infrequently we have to meet the needs of the sudden urgent.

As an example, the cost to health that can’t be predicted or the cost to education. The second cost is for the benefit of the course is urgent and must be met.

Earnings per month is not necessarily able to meet the urgent needs of the. What’s more, basic needs and the needs of day-to-day currently more expensive every time.

Not to mention, if you have dependents that must also be met their needs. Not a lot options you can do to meet the cost of those needs.

You may be able to borrow money from relatives or friends, but not all people feel comfortable to borrow money to people that are well known.

It’s not a secret that a family relationship or a friendship can be broken because of the treasure. In addition, other loans can be done through a bank or a loan shark.

But both of these options is not the right choice for you, remembering you need the cost in a short time and do not want to add to the problem because of this.

Therefore, online loans fast liquid from many stand to help community financial solution Indonesia. ‘ve never kah you’re trying to borrow money through online loan application fast liquid? The online loan application fast liquid is the average offer to withdraw the funds in a short time, i.e. less than 24 hours until 1×24 hours.

Compared to applying for loans to banks, loan sharks, and relatives, online loans fast liquid can be an alternative loan is the best because it can be done anytime, anywhere.

Only with the gadget and an internet connection, you can already apply for a loan online fast liquid to meet the needs of the rush you.

Easy banget, kan? Well now, JULO want to give recommendations online loan application fast liquid trusted and registered in the The Financial Services Authority (FSA)! Let’s look at its recommendation:

7 Aplikasi Pinjaman Online Cepat Cair:


Online loans fast liquid that could be the most appropriate choice is JULO! JULO has been established since the end of 2016 and to date has served more than 100,000 customers.

JULO is 1 of 33 online loans which have official permission from the FSA. JULO offers loans ranging from Rp 2.000.000, – up to Rp 8.000.000 with the payback period of up to 6 months.

Compared with online loans fast other liquid, JULO offers low interest rates ranging from 0.1% a day which is not expected to charge the customer.

In addition, JULO also give cashback every time the customer pays the mortgage and held a variety of lottery with the prize draw, you know. No need to worry, JULO has been officially registered and supervised by Financial Services Authority (FSA).

2. Credit Smart

Credit is one of the online loans fast liquid that has stood since the end of the year 2017 ago. Until now, Credit Smart had disbursed loans amounting to approximately 6 Trillion dollars and has 400 thousand active borrowers.

Through Credit, you can apply for a loan online fast liquid with a nominal starting from Rp 600,000 with the payback period of a maximum of 28 days and the interest of 0.80% of the day, up to Rp 2.300.000 with tenor return of up to 3 months with interest to 0.56% per day.

3. Lay down the law

Lay down the law connecting SMES and potential funders to support Indonesia’s economic growth and shaping the world of finance more inclusive. Just make offer:

  • Business capital loans of up to 500 million
  • The Tenor of up to 12 months with interest affordable
  • Does not require collateral as a guarantee
  • The submission process easy and fast

3. Tunaiku

Online loans fast liquid next to be discussed is Tunaiku. Tunaiku is a loan online fast liquid that has stood since the year 20014 ago.

With Tunaiku, you can apply for a loan of up to Rp 20.000.000! The interest rate offered by a loan online fast liquid Tunaiku is by 3-4% per month. You can repay your loan ranging from 6 months up to 20 months.

4. The Funds Wisely

Still not thought where loans online fast liquid that is the most appropriate? There are still some online loans fast liquid which we will discuss, though. Fund Wise one.

With the Funds Wisely, you can borrow funds up to 3 million with a tenor of return for 30 days. If you want to borrow the Funds Wisely, you must be over 21 years old, a Citizen of Indonesia, has a passbook and bank account active, KTP, e-mail address and active phone number, as well as have a minimum income of Rp 1.600.000

5. Cicil Free Installments For Indonesian Students

Furthermore, there are online loans fast liquid called Cicil. CICIL (cicil.co.id) is a technology company financial social skills.

The goal is to provide access ease of financing for students. Because the institution of conventional financing requires a credit history or minimum income as a condition of submission of a loan, a financing facility for students is very limited. Cicil have 4 services, namely:

  • CICIL Goods, where you can buy goods the needs of students, can be paid on a monthly basis without a credit card.
  • CICIL Tuition, where you can access affordable loans for the payment of entrance fee and tuition.
  • CICIL Learning, where you can be various voucher courses, training, and certification at a cheaper price.
  • CICIL Institutions, where you can apply for a loan venture capital for institutions and educational institutions.

7. Indodana

Online loans fast liquid next is Indodana, JULOvers! Online loans fast liquid that has been established since September 2017 and then, it has been registered and officially supervised by the FSA since March 2018.

Through the application of Indodana, you can apply for a loan from Rp 500,000 to Rp 8.000.000 with a payback period ranging from 1 to 6 months.

So, that’s he’s 7 recommendations the online loan application fast liquid that can be an option for you is in need of funds when there is a sudden and urgent.

That need to be considered first when choosing a loan online fast liquid is a loan that you go to to be registered and supervised by OJK.

Rest, you can choose according to need, and of course compare in terms of interest yes, JULOvers! From the 7th to the above recommendations, where ya be your choice?

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