How to Start a Right Building Store Business for Beginners

How to Start a Right Building Store Business for Beginners
How to Start a Right Building Store Business for Beginners

One venture that has promising prospects and potential is the building store business. The growing growth of infrastructure development is accelerating in Indonesia, making building stores crowded to be sought to buy building materials. The prospects for this venture in the future will also remain bright as long as development around us remains.

Even so, it cannot be denied that competition between building stores is also intensified. To this end, in order to win market competition on this building business, you have to put more value on the building store you own. So that your building store does not lose its competition with other building stores that have long been basedenviable.

Starting a Building Store Business with the Right Steps

Here are some appropriate steps for beginners who want to set up a building shop :

1. Choosing a Strategic Location

In opening a store along with its physique, the first thing you should do is to choose a strategic location. The same is true of opening a business in the field of building stores. Choose a location that is indeed crowded through people as well as close to residential areas. Because in that place there are many opportunities for people who …gin build a house and go to your store. You could also see the amount of building store effort around your store as a consideration in choosing your store location. The more strategic the location you choose, the greater the chance of store success you have.

2. Do a Promotion and Introduce the Store You Own To The Community

At the beginning of the store’s opening, you should also introduce your store to the communities around it. Put up a big banner in front of the store of such a building, it can be an easy way to get people looking towards your store. To do promotion, it is possible to give a rebate or bonus for a certain amount of purchasesure.

In addition to offline, for products that can be delivered via delivery service, such as bathroom supplies, bedrooms and so on, promotions can also be made online. Surely by leveraging social media such as instagram, twitter, facebook, online markets (such as tocopedia and shoope) and so on. That way, customer reach can be even wider.

3. Paying Attention to Market Needs on Building Materials

You should also note what the market needs in using a building material. Take for example what building materials consumers need as they are about to build a house. For example cement, brick, paint, iron and so on. Try to complement those consumer needs.

When the building store you own is complete with various types of building materials, the greater the chances of customers choosing your store as their choice, as their needs are already met in your store. One way you could do to complement the product, for unnecessary items langsung is available, you can collaborate with many raw material suppliers or other building materials stores to be able to market the products they have without you needing to have stock of those products.

How to Start a Right Building Store Business for Beginners
How to Start a Right Building Store Business for Beginners

4. Provide Customer Friendly Service

In running an undertaking, the most important thing that cannot be overlooked is the best service for the customers. If you provide friendly and satisfying service, certainly consumers will also feel at home shopping at your store. Recognize and serve them well even if they only ask for a product and will not yet askthe elbows. Maybe at the moment they only buy one item but later on it could be that they could buy in bulk. One simple way to provide good service is to ask their needs and offer the best solution.

5. Selecting Quality Building Materials

In selling a building product, choose also good quality. So that customers don’t feel disappointed with the product you are selling. For example, when you sell sand, it’s a type of sand that’s sharp and doesn’t contain organic ingredients. The higher the quality of the goods you sell, the greater the clearanceg your store has many loyal customers.

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