Here’s 7 Bitcoin Trading Robot And The Best Altcoin Ditahun It Bitcoin Trading Robot, trading Bot is a computer program that automates the execution of trades in the market. They are very useful for the beginner level traders who are not able to make in-depth analysis on the chart.

Apart from that, you should not rely solely on the bot trade Bitcoin, because they can be destructive and lead you to lose your money in a short time, but this is an effective tool for backtesting that gives you the ability to thoroughly test a trading strategy without properly -Right risking your own money.

It is worth mentioning that the trading bot get a better reception than the exchange of major currencies because they help drive a higher trading volume and increase liquidity.

There is a trade bot for inexperienced traders and proficient. Bot novice trading is more suitable for people without programming skills. But in this article we will focus on different types of bots.

  1. CryptoHopper
    CryptoHopper is Bitcoin trading bot that allows you to engage in automated trading 24/7. It provides many useful features such as external buy signal from a professional analyst to determine a potentially lucrative investment.

To use CryptoHopper, you simply connect it to an existing account on the exchange of your choice. Once you’ve done that, you can adjust your trading instrument with Hooper access your dashboard.

Bot CryptoHopper offers you a large number of trading approach that is fully customizable. If you have never had experience dealing with trading bot, it is advisable to go to the education sector CryptoHopper where you can see all the relevant information about the use of bots for using different trading strategies.

There is a free trial, and after expiration, you have to pay one of three premium packages.

  1. ProfitTrailer
    ProfitTrailer is one of the most popular bots out there with tens of thousands of active users around the world. Until now, trading bot works with the three exchanges – Binance, Bittrex and Poloniex.

All you have to do is purchase a license for a program that can be run either on your PC or VPS server remotely. The first is the most reliable way to use the bot ProfitTrailer, because it removes any connectivity issues. However, setting up a VPS server might be a bit difficult for users who do not understand the technology.

ProfitTrailer had a rather friendly user interface for beginners. Homepage displays all the essential information necessary to monitor your trading activity. To see all of your ownership, you should open the tab ‘Log Couple’ temporary ‘Notes Sales’ show all that you’ve sold when using a bot.

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  1. Gunbot
    Gunbot is another advanced crypto trading bot for algorithmic trading that works with many exchanges, including Binance and Kraken. Bot allows users to select a variety of trading strategies that can be customized according to your personal trading style. These strategies include:

TSSL (trailing stop / stop limit),
Bollinger Bands,
Once you choose a trading strategy and partner cryptocurrency, you can configure your bot use the API exchange for a third-party program. Now you can take advantage of any trading strategy that existed before.

  1. 3Commas
    Now, we will focus on Bitcoin relatively young bot which has won the crypto community. In May 2018, he has more than 20,000 active users and an average trading volume exceeded $ 6 million. Launched in September 2017 as previously funded projects.

The system has three different types of bots:

Simple and short Bot lets you do just one trading partner at a time. Bot compost, as the name suggests, supports many crypto pairs simultaneously.

The strange thing about 3Commas is that they do not use the popular trading strategies such as Stepgain and Ping Pong. Instead, it relies on a strong TradingViews analysis, but it still may seem disappointing for ordinary trader.

  1. AutoView
    The majority of trading bots mentioned above is rather expensive, so if you have a tighter budget and still looking for automated trading solutions, then you may have to pay attention to AutoView. Cryptocurrency trading bot is very cheap, it does not mean this bad bot.

Bot AutoView comes in the form of a Google Chrome extension that gives you the ability

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