How To Start Forex Trading From The Beginning (The Very Beginning) – “How to start trading forex? I am still very beginner, please guide me”; “I am interested in trading forex but don’t know where to start, please teach, dong!”

Such questions it is still very often I encounter on social media accounts I follow. Actually I want to fad chimed in: if you want to start something, certainly from the beginning. If you terminate, yeah from the back.

Simple as that. But I don’t have the heart, so that only this article. The article titled how to start forex trading aims to answer the enthusiasm of the devotees forex is still very new, so not falling prey to the answers prankster misleading or people search opportunity in the middle of one’s ignorance.

Want To Trade Forex Because “He Said”

The steps that will be mentioned here is for the enthusiasts of forex trading just heard the term forex trading overview-course overview. The source is from “he said”. For example:

“my friend Said forex trading was luckily in Dollars. I so wanted to,” “I see my friend how could suddenly buy a new car. I asked, he said the money from forex trading. I want to also, dong,” “Said my friend forex trading is it good. No need to jam-congestion to the office. Origin on the house there is an internet connection, wrong. Is that so?”

And many more versions of “she said” about forex trading managed to provoke the curiosity of the people and appeal to their interests. The problem is actually only one: they don’t understand at all do forex trading.

Are You in the types of applicants forex trading because “he said” this? This things You should do to start trading forex.

  1. Know What Is Forex Trading.

If You indeed have a close acquaintance, who trade forex, try to ask him all the while with the SERIOUSNESS You to understand what is trading the forex. I emphasize “sincerity” in here, because I’m sure, a forex trader will be lazy to explain what he was doing to lay people who just want to know.

At most he would only answer,”online currency trading” or answers perfunctory origin of the layman to understand. In fact, understanding the world of trading forex is not as simple as that.

If You don’t have an acquaintance close person, you should not show the desire to trade forex on the stranger. Even better, look for information about understanding forex trading through articles in specialized sites forex like this.

Instead of a promotion, but because forex is a field that is very specific. In fact, not all sources of scientific fields related such as economics or business, rule the world of forex trading.

In addition you can also learn the books of peeling an introduction to the world of forex trading, such as books by Ninjaa Trader or Desmond Wira, two figures has been poor across the world of forex trading.

After that, You will know that trading forex is not just about profit in the form of dollars or you can buy the car only. Like any other business, forex trading also contain risks, if any, can threaten the welfare of Your financial. If Your friend is a professional, then he will mention also the risk of forex trading.

Not ready to risk? Do not force yourself, just know. Look for other businesses that You are ready to take the risk. Ready born with the risk of forex trading? All right, go to point number two.

  1. Learn Trading With Demo Accounts.

More then trade with a demo account, namely trading account with real conditions, however, the money used is not real. So if a loss, You will not lose Your money real. Similarly, if a profit, then the profit can not be cashed.

Where can get a demo account forex trading? There are 2 ways. First, download a new trading platform Metatrader4 (MT4) platform from Metaquotes that are available in the Play Store (for Android users/iPhone). Second, by using the facility of demo trading that are provided by forex brokers.

Then, if already downloaded the, what should be done? Open the app, then read the instructions there. Do not be lazy to read, here’s the bad habits of our society that should be avoided.

“It is all hell, but I remain confused, yes?” If so, You may better suited to learn forex trading using the game forex course. Do the same, downloaded to Your smartphone. Learn forex trading with the game is easily understood and is probably more fun because there is an explanation-an explanation in a nutshell.

Want To Trade Forex But Know The Surface

“I’ve long heard that the world of forex trading, the bottom line is it anyway I understand and recently I started getting interested. What should I do for the first step?” Whether You’re a beginner who is that? The following steps first:

  1. Trading On Demo Account First

Lho kok same advice? Yes, because You know the forex trading from the cover. Try to plunge into practice with how to secure advance.

“There are forex trading capital small? I am ready kok plunge directly with capital that much. I have specialized as a capital to learn. If the money’s gone I’m willing to,”

Well, if You are of traders who are reluctant demo trading first and choose to study directly with a small capital that is ready to disappear, go to point two.

  1. Find Trusted Forex Brokers

Looking for a forex broker that fits in the hearts (and pockets) it’s hard. Because You are a novice trader who depart from the capital is small, then a suitable broker is a forex broker outside of the country.

“Safe not?” It’s a consequence if you choose the wrong broker outside. “Then I am trading in local broker course was,” okay, but enlarge Your capital. Broker forex Indonesia regulated Bappebti generally require a deposit which is not small.

How then, dong? Back again on the consequences of which the more able Your responsibility. But just calm down, it does not mean there is no solution. ‘ve got tips for choosing a good forex broker.

  1. Registration To the Broker

‘ve found the right broker? All right, the next step click button “Open Live Account” or “Open Live Account” or “Register” or any button that should redirect You on live account registration. The requirements of each broker is different. Once again, do not be lazy to read! Follow and read carefully the instructions listed until Your account is validated.

“Well, all in English! I don’t understand,” try to find the language option and select what language You understand. There are usually at the top right of the main page of the website of the broker. If the fear of choosing a broker that is because there is no Indonesian Language options, you should select the existing Indonesian Language options to avoid a fatal mistake.

  1. Fund Your Account

Live trading accounts You’ve valid? Proceed with the transfer of the funds on deposit in accordance with Your choice. How? Follow the instructions and options provided by these brokers. You can also ask for help exchanger for the deposit.

  1. Start Trading

All are ready, just run Your trading. Open Your trading platform and select the instrument currency You want to trade. Trading platforms (MT4/MT5, seamster, or other) can be downloaded or directly through its web. Article about how to use the MT4 was widely available in the form of text and video tutorial.

Well, how? It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? O, yes, my advice one again, You try to technological literacy. Don’t be clueless because forex traders will be closely all to do with the devices (gadgets) and communication technology. Hopefully enlightened, yes. Happy trading!

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