Tips For Choosing Web Hosting For Beginners Tips For Choosing Web Hosting For Beginners – Hosting and domain are the two things that can not be separated in the world of internet. When you want to create a website that can be accessed by others, of course you need a domain and hosting. The Domain is the address of a website. For example you have a website or

Well, the name is a domain. The Domain is what will lead visitors to the website. Well, the location in which the website is placed is called Hosting. Want to know more details? Please check the Difference of a Domain, Hosting, SSL and Website.

Many people feel confused in choosing a good Hosting and “fitting” to the website. Especially for beginner just dabbling in the world of website. But don’t worry, this time We will give tips on choosing a Hosting according to your website! ?

How Hosting is Said to be “fitting”?

To choose a Hosting, not just the price and the disk space of her that need to be considered. You also have to adjust the website you want to create. For example, the website what is to be made, how the estimate visitor per day, the need to access SSH or not, need high speed or not and so on.

It is very influential when you choose Hosting. You can imagine when you make online store website that is accessible to 1000 visitors every day. Of course the Hosting that you select should also be able to accommodate seandar 1000 visitors, has a Core CPU and enough RAM and a capacity of approximately 2 GB.

You can not choose a Hosting with a capacity of only 300 MB. Can – can online store you will not be maximum and experience overload or resource limit. Hosting is said to be “fitting” if in accordance with the website to be made. No more and no less. What to buy Hosting is the most cheap but can not be used optimally?

I Am Confused With The Term In Hosting!

To choose a Hosting that is “fitting” you have to pay attention to the resource in the web hosting. This Resource will of course affect the performance of a website. For those of you who are still beginners, sometimes feel familiar with the term in hosting such as CPU, RAM, SSD Disk Space, Bandwidth, VMEM, PMEM and so on. Hmm don’t confuse DomaiNesians! We will explain one by one.


Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer as calculated in the time unit of bits per second (bps). Or in other words, bandwidth is the maximum capacity of the lines of communication to make the process of sending and receiving data in a matter of seconds.

An internet connection with a larger bandwidth can move a certain amount of data (for example a video file) much faster than an internet connection with a lower bandwidth. For more details, check the guide What it is Bandwidth. All Hosting DomaiNesia already unlimited lho! That means, the amount of data transfer from server hosting is not restricted.


The CPU or Central Processing Unit is one of the computer devices that carry out the instructions of the software on the computer. The point is, this CPU is the brain of the computer. Inside the CPU there is a processor(core), which serves to regulate all the activities that exist on the computer.

Hosting is the plots (plots) from a server computer. Well, the CPU is what will carry out what is instructed by the software. And software referred to is the website. So, when you perform the “click” button on the website, the CPU will execute such instructions.

For that, the selection of the Core on the CPU is very important to note. Usually, Hosting with Core 0.5 GHz – 1 GHz is more than enough to accommodate a regular website. However for the needs of the business, We suggest to use Hosting with Core standard CPU 2 GHz so its performance to the maximum.


RAM (Random Access Memory) is a memory where temporary data storage. The larger the RAM that is owned by the Hosting will be faster in processing the website.

SSD Disk Space

SSD Disk Space is the capacity of the Hosting itself. You know the Hard drive? Well, almost the same as it was. However, the hard disk may not provide good performance for a Hosting. Hosting services are good, definitely will provide SSD (Solid State Drives) as its storage media.

One of them DomaiNesia. We implement SSD storage for super-fast access and stable for your website. To know more about the advantages of SSD, please read the Advantages of SSD Compared to a Hard drive


Inodes is the number of files that can be accommodated by a single hosting account. If inodes full then of course it will affect the performance of the hosting. In DomaiNesia, you can get the Inodes are UNLIMITED for ALL HOSTING PACKAGES. So, you don’t need to worry if at any time inodes full.


VMEM Virtual Memory while the PMEM is Physical Memory. VMEM(Virtual Memory) is the virtual memory is taken from the SSD. PMEM is the physical memory in RAM. Usually the size of the RAM will be equal to PMEM. The greater the PMEM owned Hosting, then process the website will be faster and faster.


EP abbreviation of Entry Processes. The Entry Process of this will set a lot of web scripts that run every time. For example, your Hosting has 15 EP. That means, in one time (millisecond) there are 15 processing script website. For the purposes of business, we suggest to choose a Hosting with 25-40 EP.

While ENPROC is the Entry Number of Processes. ENPROC basically the same as the EP. However, ENPROC also set a lot of scripts, web application server, a database that runs every time. Usually Hosting have 100 ENPROC.


IO stands for Input Output. Then the IOPS that the Input Output Per Second. IO and IOPS this will affect the speed Hosting. IOPS this will set the number of process upload and download in 1 seconds.

Memcached, SSH Access, DNS Manager, FTP

Memcached is one of the features to speed up dynamic web applications. With this feature, the Hosting job will be lighter. For you who have a website with a view that is quite dynamic and a lot of features, We suggest to choose a Hosting that has this feature. For more details, please read the Guide Memcached.

SSH is the Secure Shell, which allows you to view the activity of the server, monitor server, see directory server, restart the server and view the job server. If the Hosting you have this feature, then you can access your own server via the console/ terminal. For more details, please read the Acquaintance with SSH yuk! In DomaiNesia, SSH access can only be done in hosting a minimum of Hosting Package Super yes!

The DNS Manager is a control panel that will facilitate you in matters of DNS Management. You can easily organize and manage your DNS records through the features of the DNS Manager. Try, you choose a Hosting that has the DNS Manager for the management of the DNS record is not complicated. In DomaiNesia, you can read the guidelines in Setting the DNS Management

While the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) will facilitate you in the affairs of the uploaded file website Hosting. So, try to choose a Hosting that is equipped with the features of FTP.

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