How To Use Credit Card Good And True – For credit card customers beginners need to pay attention to how to use the credit card in order to really be put to good use, without incurring losses in the foreseeable future.
Service credit card from the bank indeed make it easier for customers to transact, especially when it requires a certain amount of money in an urgent situation.

Therefore, the bank is present to lend some money to the customer with the workings of such a payment is made in advance by the bank.

Not infrequently some people fall asleep with ease given the credit card. Because underestimate, to finally live the lifestyle of a large stake than the poles. Whereas credit card debt piling up even beyond the limit, there is a risk that can be faced by the debtor.

Among others, the forfeiture if it is late to pay bills. If you don’t pay off until maturity, can be chased by debt collectors. Even the most risky, the debtor would get a blacklist or dealing with the law. The impact is not able to access any credit at a later date because it records a history of bad credit.

How To Use Credit Card Good And True

How To Use Credit Card Good And True
How To Use Credit Card Good And True

Therefore, the following stratagem smart use a credit card that can be used as a reference, in particular for the debtor beginners.

Select Credit Card As Per Requirement

Choose the type of credit card that is closest to the needs of the customer. Apart from the range of flowers bills monthly, note also some bonus benefits that can be obtained.

For example, for the customer to be a housewife, then choose a credit card often provides tickets or cashback on supermarket staple.

Or if the customer like to walk, then select the credit card that gives a lot of tickets aboard the plane and discounts on your stay in the hotel.

Use Credit Card Less than the Limit

Use a credit card in accordance with the needs. Don’t always ‘ngepasin’ with limit granted by the bank. The customer must have the mindset to mengfungsikan credit card in accordance with the needs of the urgency, not for the extravagance.

Better yet, use a credit card only when the urgent needs of the course, such as family illness or accident that is not unexpected.

Use for Transactions that are Able to get Paid

The customer must be smart to sort out which goods to buy. Avoid the mindset of purchasing goods with a price not affordable, and relying on credit cards.

So if the customer can’t afford it in cash in everyday life, it means that the goods are indeed not yet purchased. So, make use of a credit card as a means of payment for goods that were already budgeted well in advance.

Like buying a laptop, if the customer feels able to buy a laptop equivalent of the salary or more, and the laptop can support the performance of day-to-day, then the credit needs of the electronics can be taken into account.

Pay on Time and double Check the Credit Card Bill

Try to pay your credit card bills before the due date, so are not exposed to any additional fees or penalties.

In addition, don’t forget to check out a number of bills to be paid. Check and make sure each transaction listed is the transaction actually done by yourself, it is to avoid the misuse of credit cards by the customer.

In addition, the bills paid is not the right time, will give his own record for the Bank. Instead of a can-can the credit limit of the customer will not rise or even lowered.

Don’t Let Credit Card Moved A Hand

This is because, the use by others feared to make the bills swell without your knowledge, of course it is very harmful, isn’t it?

Have A Credit Card To A Maximum Of Two

Usually a worker will often try a variety of service a bank is different so start opening your account account in a bank. The intention of initially good, to regulate the financial management of the appropriate portion.

There is a bank account to save, money emergency uses or needs of day-to-day. However there are times when tempted with credit card facilities, so again decided to open a credit card more than one bank.

In this case, it will be better if customer limit ownership of the credit card one. Or should have a credit card on the two bank accounts are different. This needs to be used as a reminder in order not to have a culture of life consumptive as well as avoid the habits themselves to owe.

Do Not Pull Cash

Credit cards are very different with a debit card that can always be used to withdraw some money in ATM. Although credit cards can do a similar activity, but the customers have to avoid it.

Because each withdrawal will be charged a withdrawal fee which amount to an average of 4 percent or a minimum of 50 thousand, and of course it is detrimental to the customer financially.

That’s a clever tips using credit cards, especially for a beginner so its use is not arbitrary. Of course You do not want it, the income is exhausted to pay interest on the debt on the credit card for things that are consumptive.

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