Loan Application The Best Online 2021 Fast Liquid Matter Of Minutes Without Complicated – List of the best apps money loans trusted online 2021 process fast direct liquid tanpa ribet just in a matter of minutes the terms KTP not to wear the best other incoming funds to the personal account and the official registered with the FSA.

To be able to get cash without warranty through the website of financial service providers that are reliable, you should carefully perform a comparison between one another through some of the reference source.

Thus you will obtain valid information as well as more comfortable in doing the transaction because your personal data will be on the line in this case.

List pinjol official FSA – online loan Application reliable low interest

Here are some of the applications of finance providers lending funds fast liquid which you can download from a smartphone as a solution to your financial needs.

1 Cash – App pinjam uang online cepat cair a matter of minutes

Cash is an application that you can use as a loan facility money online with the submission process is quite easy and quick.

Have been applying the technology data base simplified the online loan application will be able to serve all its users which could not obtain the services of conventional finance.

Loan products

  • Cash equal to: Rp 500.000 – Rp 20.000.000
  • Loan term: 91-365 days
  • Low interest rate (maximum) : 24% per year

The simulation of the loan:

Suppose your loan amount of 1,000,000, with an interest of 14%, then the tenor of the loan selected 91 days, then the payout is 1,034,904 (the Calculation of the detailed: 1,000,000 * 14% / 365 * 91 + 1.000.000)

How to list or filing

  • The contents of the complete data based on ID Electric and k. K. a terbaru
  • Enter your bank account information private next determine the amount of funds to be borrowed
  • Money loan will be transferred directly to your bank account in just 5 minutes once approved

The requirement of applying for a loan

  • CITIZEN and have an E-KTP
  • Aged 18 years or older.

Whether a loan online can be using other people’s accounts?

There are a few apps pinjol that allows use another person’s account for use as a condition of registration as apk akulaku, but in general the company fintek will ask for personal account as a transaction medium financial ranging from the disbursement of funds to the payment of the installment.

2 Dollars Fast – online Loan without salary slip without TIN

Want to apply for unsecured loans without salary slip is most easily is with through the application rupiah quick-serve credit cash unconditional complicated and secure.

Loan products

  • Cash funds of: Rp 400.000 – Rp 5.000.000
  • The Tenor of the loan: 91-365 days
  • Low interest rate (maximum) : 24% per year
  • As a service platform P2P, PT. KUFI will charge different according to product credit loan You choose, the cost is used for the assessment of credit score, account management & third-party
  • Example: If you select the loan cash Rp 3.000.000 tenor of 1 year, after deducting management fees, the total interest to be paid: 3.000.0000.0006365= Rp 657.000

Rupiah Quickly guarantee will protect any form of data as well as personal information, all of the debtor because the loan application it has been certified ISO officially have permission from the FSA.

Payment method

SMS assigned before & maturity to give warning to the debtor to immediately repay the borrowed funds.
The debtor can make the payment through: ATM, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, OVO and Alfa Group (Alfamart & Alfamidi).

3 Julo – the App online loans direct liquid up to 8 Million

PT. JULO TECHNOLOGY FINANCIAL is a financial services provider engaged in the sector borrowing money online is officially registered at the FSA with registration number S-589/NB.213/2018 in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority Regulation number 77/POJK.01/2016.

JULO also officially have to get licensing filled with the status of the licensed through the registration number KEP-16/D. 05/2020.

The main features of the application JULO

  • The large amount loan JULO Rp 500.000 – 8.000.000
  • The term tenor of repayment begins to 61 days to 180 days (6 months)
  • Interest of 4% – 7% per month (~APR 48% – 84%)

Simulation loans

*Loan of Idr 4.000.000, a tenor of 6 months, the interest is 4% per month
Installment per month: 827.000/month

The advantages of JULO compared to other applications

  • JULO already have official permission from the FSA and became one of the loan providers trusted
  • Apply low interest rates for the convenience of the debtor
  • The loan can be direct liquid less than 24 hours in a day
  • To be paid in installments up to 6 months
  • There are raffle prizes every month & cashback when pay mortgage. Website:

4 Tunaiku – the App fintech best (Pinjol FSA)

As one of the applications pinjol best easy terms can be liquid up to Rp. 20 million with a term of installments of up to 20 months there are only in TUNAIKU.

Have been launched since 2014, Tunaiku is a platform loan funds online flagship product of PT. Bank Amar Indonesia registered and supervised by OJK (Financial Services Authority).

Amar own Bank is the bank of origin of Surabaya, which is present in Indonesia since 1991. The process of performing a credit loan without collateral here will be in the process is quick and easy because Tunaiku have been applying the financial technology (fintech) online loan application that the most cutting-edge.

Features of Tunaiku

  • The amount of the loan fast liquid : 2-20 million
  • Tenor: minimum tenor of 6 months and maximum tenor of 20 months
  • Interest loan low: 3% – 4%
  • Maximum interest per year (APR): 36% – 48%
  • The cost of the administration of the loans in cash: Rp 540rb

Simulation calculation of the loan

Example of the calculation of credits quickly: if you take a loan of 10 million, cicilan perbulan Rp 1.167.960 – Rp 1.276.210, the total payment of the loan of Rp 14.795.177 – Rp 16.575.654

5 Wallet Lightning – Loans best online 2021 liquid less than 24 hours

Wallet flash offers the ceiling of loan ranging from $ 500 thousand to $ 2 million with a tenor of a maximum of 21 days or 3 weeks.
Requirements needed:

  • Have an e-KTP WNI
  • The minimum age of 19 years, a maximum of 44 years old
  • Permanent job
  • Have an account in the name of personal
  • Calculate the interest on the loan wallet flash

Here is a simulation of the calculation of interest to be charged to the debtor for the amount of the loan amounting to Rp 500 thousand with a tenor of 2 weeks (14 days)

6 Credit Smart – the App borrow money the best and safest

List of online loans are the next best is a Credit Smart. Company pinjol cepat cair will do a short presentation through the connection of the phone to the debtor when going to apply for a loan.

How to apply for a loan on the credit of the smart is easy with just filling data, account number, photo ID, selfie with ID, and then just wait for the verification process takes place.

If all requirements can be fulfilled and pass the verification, then the applicant will instantly receive a loan fast liquid in a matter of minutes.

Some of the provisions on the application of credit smart:

  • Terms of the age of at least 18 years of age
  • Already have an e-KTP and income
  • Service Area: the Whole city in Indonesia

Loan products money online

  • An admin fee of 5% -15% (depending on the amount and the loan period), without any other additional charges.
  • The period of online loans ranging 91 hari s/d 360 days
  • Borrow up to Rp 20.000.000
  • Low interest: take a loan for 91 days for Rp 2.300.000 , after deducting the cost of pre-service, the payment amount is Rp 2.300.000 + (Rp 2.300.000 x 0,165% x 91 hari ) = Rp 2.645.100
  • Annual interest rate of not more than 11%

How to repay the loan

You can pay bills through ATM transfer, M-Banking, BluePay, Alfamart, Alfamidi, Alfa Express, Lawson and + AND. Bank partner Credit Smart: BCA, Mandiri, BRI, BNI

7 MauCash – online loan Application low interest 2021

Driven by PT Astra Welab Digital Arta of the year 2018 then and has been declared officially registered at the FSA, which means the apk pinjol this includes a very safe and reliable.
How to apply for a loan here. there are 2 ways, namely through the application that can be installed via playstore or dengancara visit the web page official on

User can get a loan ceiling of the start of Ro 500 thousand to Rp 10 million using the installment payment system or a tenor of 3 months to the term of wakyu 12 months.

For completeness of the submission requirements are only needed data e-KTP and photo book a personal account for the last 3 months.

As one of the apk pinjol low interest and one of the only loans online 2021 that apply service charges 0% per day, MauCash will process the disbursement of funds less than 24 hours.

8 Easycash – Pinjaman online easy and fast

As the application of fintech P2P Lending which is quite famous in Indonesia. Easycash arguably pinjol with the terms of the most easy only need an ID card then approved loan will be immediately disbursed.
The process required only a matter of minutes starting from the registration and then verify until the final stages of approval.

EasyCash provide services for the disbursement of funds will take place less than 24 hours through the bank account number which has been on the register.

Features on the application pinjol EasyCah:

  • The original loan amount of Rp 200 thousand – $ 1 million
  • The Tenor of a maximum of 30 days
  • The interest on the loan to a maximum of 0.8% per day
  • The process of approval in 5 minutes
  • Liquid funds directly into the account in 24 hours
  • If viewed from a ceiling that is very small, but this app has its own advantages in the speed of the process and service that only requires 5 minutes only.

It is certainly very helpful for prospective borrowers who need an injection of funds that are urgent and have only the best ID card only.

If the debtor has been very reliable and always make the payment with the better it will be given to the type of loan an extra up to Rp 10 million.

Company fintech is already official in the supervision of the FSA so that it can be ensured to be safe for all potential debtors in matters of data privacy.

List of companies lending online syariah bebas riba

Sharia loan online is a system of peer to peer lending (P2P) – based sharia with the calculation for the result without applying the system of interest.

Until at this time, the company fintech running using the sharia system is still very minimal and not as popular with the company pinjol in general.

Here a little bit we would like to inform some type of financial companies online, which apply shariah-compliant way to debtors and investors who want to join in the products of P2P lending.

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