5 Successful Capital Successful Reseller Tips

Kotrbiotech.com. -Reseller business is one of the businesses that can be done with economical capital. This business is an additional alternative income for smart friends who want to work from home and with time that you are smart to determine yourself.

Even so, pursuing the supplier agent business needs business, discipline, and intelligence. Therefore, this is 5 tips for being a saving and successful supplier agent. Previously, we reviewed a moment about supplier agents and how this business is different from business in general

What is a reseller?
Resellers will sell items from suppliers to consumers. As is known, this business is a business that is quite easy to learn and apply.

Reseller differences with dropship
In addition to distributors, there are also businesses that are similar to the scheme, Dropship. Both types of business involved three parties and in essence resell products made by suppliers.

However, the difference in distributors and dropship is located on one thing, namely the storage of goods. As a distributor, smart friend must prepare enough rooms to receive shipping goods from the manufacturer.

This means that the distributor must also have a little more capital, in the form of money or space, compared to the dropshipper. In addition to the storage of goods, smart friends must also carry out inventories and guard the quality of the product so that they are not damaged and make friends smart loss. Compared to distributors, Dropshipper only promotes their products in the channels they have.

The advantage becomes a reseller
Even so, the distributor still has its own advantage compared to Dropshipper. Some of these advantages are:

  1. Have more freedom about the items sent
    One of the many distributor’s advantages compared to Dropshipper is their sales that are not too dependent on suppliers. Because Dropshipper does not have its goods directly, they do not control the quality of goods. Meanwhile, friend smart as a distributor can choose which products can be sold to consumers. Because of that, smart friends are more likely to establish good relationships with consumers of smart friends.
  2. Adjusted easy marketing techniques
    As a distributor, a smart friend is given freedom in selling products. Dropshipper does not have such abilities, because they must sell their products online. With a distributor business model, friends can sell smart products online and offline to simultaneously so that more potential reaping profits. Not only in terms of sales of goods, but even branding can be arranged. Smart friends can use knowledge of smart friends about how to make interesting promotions on social media or other channels.
  3. Freedom of price
    Because friends are already buying products from suppliers, smart friends can determine competitive and profitable prices for the product.

There are two ways to reap profits, namely by pushing up a little product price compared to the price of suppliers or selling these items cheaply but many (bulk) until the profit is reached. This depends on the type of goods sold.

  1. Momition of Supplier
    If you buy a product of suppliers with lots, commissions or discounts can be given. This is very profitable for distributors.
  2. Add a business experience
    Being a distributor can add to the experience of smart friends to do business and can help learn many things, including how to check the quality of goods sold, how to promote good and correct products, and many others.

Although distributors appear more difficult, there are many advantages possessed by the distributor compared to Dropshipper. After we look more thorough differences between distributors and dropshipper, let’s see saving tips to become a successful distributor!

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Tips for becoming a saving and successful reseller

  1. Understand the product
    To become a saving and successful distributor, smart friend must understand what products are sold. If you are smart selling coffee beans, then smart friends must understand the types of existing coffee and the difference between coffee beans sold with others.

So, it’s good if you are smart to be a distributor who understands outside in a product. Better if you are a smart friend, a fan or hobbyist of the product.

Many benefits can be obtained from knowing the product. Front friend can build good relations with consumers who come to the market. In addition, smart friends can also prevent losses from misunderstanding and storage of goods.

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  1. Adjust the product with existing capital and space
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