What is it TradingView? Know its Benefits for Traders

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What Is It TradingView?

TradingView is a platform providers social trading can display the chart of the prices of various markets.

So, a lot of forex traders that use this place as a place to gather and share ideas with fellow traders.

In addition, TradingView also can be an alternative platform to do technical analysis in various asset classes.

Even now there are 13.778.221 investors, 5.776.777 ideas that published, and 31.496.543 chart created in TradingView.

The main purpose to provide insight and real time information on the financial markets.

This Platform allows traders from all over the world to create an account, access the chart and a variety of indicators of rest, compose setup of trading, as well as publish trading ideas to be discussed together in a forum that is available.

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In fact, now there are many professional traders who rely on the platform TradingView this as the primary means in preparing setup trading or just share a variety of tips technical analysis.

In addition, the review for TradingView is also not in doubt.

Platform social trading this one has been getting positive reviews from fellow company engaged in the field of trading facilities. Some of these are from MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance, as well as Daily News.

With the rapid development platform TradingView, then this platform’ve even succeeded in developing its services to reach out to traders from Indonesia.

This Platform is also already available in the App Store and Google Play Store so as to further facilitate access to the trader.

The features of TradingView

TradingView has many excellent features which can be very beneficial for traders. Here are some of its features.

1 Collection Of Trading Ideas

Features TradingView collect and display thousands of trading ideas from members. Anyone who saw the idea of trading can join in the discussion of social trading with other members or the owner of the trading ideas are concerned.

In addition, TradingView’ve split the rubric of trading ideas in a variety of categories based on the type of asset, trend analysis, harmonic patterns, technical indicators, analysis of the Wave, Gann, as well as methods of analysis of the other.

In fact, for the analysis of trends subdivided into Support and Resistance, Supply and Demands, the Pivot Point, Fibonacci, Trend lines, Candlestick Analysis, Fractal, and much more.

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2 Price Chart

TradingView has the appearance of the chart more attractive, indicator complete, support news updates, reminder alarm for each user, as well as access to an assortment of chart prices of various asset classes. By doing so, the display TradingView look attractive.

In addition, TradingView also has a wide variety of versions of the chart for one instrument so that the user will not be redirected to use the chart from one broker course so that users have more choices.

Interestingly, TradingView can provide a platform of social trading that integrates directly with chart analysis price.

This can make it easier for users to analyze and share trading ideas with the user TradingView.
Features Market Screener, this can be a analysis tool for a variety of trading instruments such as Forex, Stocks, Indices, Futures, Bonds, CFDS, even Cryptocurrency.

Oh yes, specifically for the Forex Market Screener, You can get the table up and down price from a variety of pair, a comparison of the value of the Oscillator, the Trend as well as the Economic Calendar.
The advantages of TradingView
TradingView has many advantages that become the attraction by its users. The following advantages of TradingView.

1 Provide Technical Analysis

TradingView platform provides technical analysis on various markets with the support tool products such as the choice of time frame, indicators, patterns, charts, and much more.

2 Have A Free Service

TradingView provides its services for Free. So, service to the basic features TradingView can be accessed for free. You just need to Sign Up with your email and user name.

However, if You want a more complete facility and advanced, You need to pay the subscription fee, yes.

For the Pro account, You need to pay the subscription fee of USD 14.95 per month, Pro+ USD 29.95 per month, while a premium of USD 59.95 per month. Each account has a Free Trial version that can be tried for free for 30 days.

3 to Discuss

It can be a place to discuss and share trading ideas with other traders.

4 Trading Tools a Complete

Offer a lot of trading tools that can be bookmarked for get the info latest market, ranging from news to performance up and down the price of an asset.

5 Has A System Of Making His Own Script

Have a system of making his own script, namely the Pine Editor that can be used by all members to create automated trading strategies or indicators themselves.

6 Can Test Strategy

The client can test the trading strategy that is mounted on the chart with the facilities Strategy Tester.

7 Has A Feature Alerts

Features Alerts that serves as a reminder when the price reaches the level of a specific target.

8 User Friendly

It looks very user friendly and can be used in all devices such as PC and Mobile, allowing users to use anytime and anywhere.

Using TradingView

TradingView is a platform of social trading that has no doubt of its superiority. Of the various features that are provided certainly gives benefit that can be used by traders.

By using this platform then allows You to analyze various investment assets, including, forex rates, commodity prices, or other.

Owned facilities are also very complete and sophisticated. With the variety of features and facilities provided then it can certainly help You to maximize Your trading.

So, whether You’ve never used it? Please share Your experience through the comments that have been available.

You can also share this article to Your colleagues who need a platform for social trading reliable. Hopefully this article useful. Thank you.

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